A choice of life

After the high school diploma in accounting, I choose to follow a completely different path.
My grandfather, of Apulian origins, dedicated his whole life to the production of olive oil and since his teachings have been so important to me, I decided to continue his work.
Thanks to the support of my family, then, I embarked on this wonderful adventure.

Photo of a plot of land

The farm

I founded my firm, called Poggioriotto, in 2000.
The organic farm called "Poggioriotto" has been founded in 2000 by Simon Albanese, a young farmer who decided to grow vegetables according to the rules of organic farming.

The farm has an extension of almost four hectares and it is placed in Cunettone di Salò, on the hills of the Parco dell’Alto Garda Bresciano (a conservation area comprising the northern part of lake Garda region). Here, in this quiet and comforting  place, grow my 860 olive trees.

Poggioriotto is made not only of this olive grove, in fact, there are also a little wood with its plants and wildlife.

Why a name such as Poggioriotto for my farm? Riotto is the name of the stream that delimits the borders of my property as well as the border between Cunettone di Salò and Puegnago del Garda. Riotto is also the name of the territory where my olive trees grow.

I also produce olives, olive pate, cereals, all strictly organic.

My company and my products are certified by CCPB.

A man walking in the fields

Organic farming – my philosophy

Since the foundation of my firm, I have been following the rules of organic farming to grow my vegetables, because I deeply believe in the importance of preserving both the environment and the human health.

My products, then, are 100% certified organic products.

The farmers visiting their land

My products

Extra virgin olive oil is the milestone of my production.

These are the main steps of its production:

OLIVE TREE PRUNING: from February to April
OLIVE GATHERING: from the end of October to the half of November. The olive gathering is made by hand with the help of devices called vibrating olive combs.
OLIVE PRESSING: I take my olives to the olive mill (which does not belong to me) where they are pressed within 24 hours from their gathering. The olive mill where my oil is produced, works following the rules of organic production. The olive mill follows a continuous cycle of production and olives undergo a process of cold-working.

All these steps contribute to the quality of the oil produced. Particularly important then, are an early olive gathering and pressing, which allow to preserve the quality of the oil.

From 2010/2011 my products are certified with the seal of quality called DOP (which stands for Protected Designation of Origin), which certifies the origins of a product. In this way I can grant my customers two main certifications of quality: that of  Organic farming, and the DOP certification.

Besides olive oil I also produce olives and olive pate, barley and buckwheat… everything made under the rules of organic production.

Product selling

Since I do not sell my products directly on my field (I go there just to work the land), you can order online and you will receive your products directly at home.  Otherwise you can come and visit my stand at the local markets I take part to.

For me, taking part to markets, thus having the chance to have a direct contact with my customers, is the best way to make my job since I can explain them the features of my products and make them understand the values that lie behind my job.

If you take a look at the NEWS, you can find all the markets where I will be selling my products.
If you click on BUY ONLINE you can buy my products on the web and receive them directly at home.

Please read further for more information about my products…


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