GARDA DOP olive oil

The DOP certification is given to those products which quality depends on the territory where they are grown or produced. Since it defines the origins of a product, then, the DOP certification is particularly important because it grants high standards of quality.

To obtain the DOP certification, the whole production process must develop inside a specific geographical area and cannot be reproduced in any other area. This rule makes a product unique and inimitable.

The DOP certification it is necessary to respect two main criterions, which are defined by article two of the EEC regulation n° 2081/92:

  1. the quality or characteristics of a product must be essentially or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment with its inherent natural and human factors
  2. the production, processing and preparation of a product must take place in the defined geographical area which gives the name to that specific product

In other words DOP extra virgin olive oil must be obtained from olives grown and processed in a geopraphical area defined as "DOP". The main feature of a DOP product is its supply chain, which gives specific indications about where a product is produced.

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