A man surrounded by olive trees

Since I founded my firm, I have always been working
according to the rules of organic farming.

What does organic farming means?

Organic farming means growing vegetables with the help of natural techniques thus avoiding the use of chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Thanks to this kind of farming, then, it is possible to work respecting both the environment and the human health.

Organic farming follows specific rules, which are defined by the EEC Regulation Nr. 2092/91.

To be branded as "organic", all the parties involved in the production process (olive growers, olive mill owners, bottlers and retailers), must be controlled and certified by a specific organization. The organization in charge of certifying my products is called IMC, which is the Italian acronym for Mediterranean Institute of Certification.

What does organic farming concretely means?

For the preservation of my plants I use vegetable and mineral preparations and specific agronomic techniques. For what concerns olive oil, its production process ends at the olive mill, where olives are transformed into oil.

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